Time With The In-Laws Survival Kit


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Time With The In-Laws Survival Kit

Voor bij je eerste keer op bezoek bij je schoonouders

In Laws… In laws… it’s high stake stuff – do they like you? Will they ever like you – do they like you too much?!! It’s all just so stressfull! Relax – just use our chill pill, have a calming bath and apply some stress relieving temple rub. You can survive it, you will survive it and with a little spritz of our forgive and forget pillow spray, you soon won’t even remember it.

  • Inhoud: Calming Bath Oil, Stress Relief Chill Pill, Ear Plugs, Stress Temple Rub en Forgive & Forget Pillow Spray
  • Merk: Men’s Society
  • Afmeting doosje: 14 cm breed, 10 cm diep en 4 cm hoog
  • Totaal gewicht: 277 gram